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Looking for short term monthly accommodation or medium term rentals in Cape Town? At Start.CapeTown, we make your move to Cape Town as easy and as relaxed as possible.

Whether you’re relocating to Cape Town or simply just dropping in for a month or two. We offer you secure, fully furnished apartments and homes for rental. Experience a home away from home and get to live like the locals.

All our apartments and homes are clean, modern and fully equipped for your every need so that you can be as comfortable as possible. We are only a phone call away to assist with any information you may need.

While there is no limit on the number of months you can stay. We do recommend that you start looking as soon as possible for something more permanent, if you are wishing to stay in Cape Town on a more permanent basis.

All rentals are a minimum 1 month stay to normally around 4 months. But you do have the option to extend should your situation change or should you have a flight booked heading out of Cape Town.

We do need to let you know upfront, that although you will feel like you’re staying in a Guest house or hotel suite with each apartment being fitted with as many bells and whistles as possible. It is important to note that we are NEITHER of these !!.

Guest houses charge excessive fees to absorb costs like your cleaning bill, breakage costs and incidents causing damage. So to keep our costs local to you, It is important to take care of the home as if it were your own. You will need to pay for your own cleaning, your own internet usage, electricity and in some cases water.

All our rentals are handled in much the same way as a long term rental.  As all our apartments are holiday homes, it is of utmost importance that we ensure that they are taken good care of.  For this reason a couple of usual terms of agreements would need to be accepted and signed first.

A complete inventory is done of the apartment when you move in and again when you leave just like any normal rental. You will also be responsible for leaving it in the condition in which you found it. Once you have registered with us, no need to register again.

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