Long Street

It’s not difficult to explain Long Street. It is what it is. A long street. What is attractive about this long street is that it has a huge variety of shops and interests. It is located in the heart of the City stretching from the upper side of town, going all the way down town. So if you don’t know where to go or where to start, start there. It is also the lifeline for the night lives! Restaurants upon clubs upon bars. Exclusive clothing boutiques and African hand made shops to antique arcades¬†and book¬†shops. Just name it, you will find it. This is also where you meet the whole world in one space as its the place to be if you are tourist. Don’t miss out on festivals! What a ball!

Is popular as it is, if you are a movie lover, you might have seen the street without knowing it, as Cape Town is filled with movie makers and Long street is one of the most common locations! I personally have seen Charlize Theron and Sean Penn when they were busy shooting the movie called “The Last Face”.

Even better about Long Street is that we have an apartment literally just around the corner from this popular destination- Montreux. So make your booking and don’t waste spending money on taxi’s.


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