Robben Island

An Island off the coast from Bloubergstrand with deep history about Cape Town and South Africa. Today it is a live museum and visited by 100’s of tourists on a daily basis. The site was declared a World Heritage site in 1999 which makes Robben Island a have-to-see. At first a prison was built, then it became a leper colony and there after an animal quarantine. From 1961 the South African goverment started using it as a prison for political prisoners before it closed down in 1991. Since the fall of apartheid the island became a global attraction.

It is 6.9km off the coast and Cape Town has a race called the Cadiz Freedom Swim, swimming over the big blue from the coast to the island in icy water. Some wild life are seen, especially penguins and rabbits. The rabbits were brought over in the 1600’s to provide a ready source of meat, but today they are completely over populated and people are hunting them to reduce their number as there may be more then 20 000 on the Island.

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