Markets galore

Creativity is what Cape Town thrives on and what better way then to experience all the local talents the Cape has to offer through Food markets,  Creative hand-made markets, second hand markets, you name it.Here are a list of a few of the best markets in the Cape Town surrounds.

Bay Harbour Market

Now this is the place to be if you love great quality of various types of food. Food is not the only trader, there are handcrafted collections, clothing, antiques, jewelry and much more. Make sure you get there early to grab your seat as it can get quite crowded and with good reason. If the vibe isn’t entertaining enough, there is live music every Friday, showing off our local talent. The market was an old factory, located in Houtbay with Chapman’s Peak as a stunning backdrop.

Root 44 Market

As there are are still 100’s of markets within the Cape Town region, lets travel a bit to Stellenbosch’s. This market is definitely a have-to-go-to market. Come rain or shine, there is no excuse to get away from. The setting is surrounded by beautiful vineyards and trees creating a relaxing and joyous atmosphere. Some of the best quality wine and beer will be found here, probably why it is one of the most popular, I mean,who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine or a fine craft beer. With a drink you need food as well ¬†with such a delicious food variety you can really over indulge.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but something to eat and drink with a great vibe makes a lovely day well spent.

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