The Iconic Table Mountain

Table Mountain, the ultimate logo for Cape Town. A city that is built around this huge ‘table’ nature has blessed us with. It provides the most beautiful scenic views this city has to offer and that’s why engineers made a way up there, for those who are not able to hike up for about 3 hours.

The cableway was installed in the 1920’s, but not to fear they have been upgraded since then, moving faster, carrying more passengers per car and best of all, have a 360 degree floor rotation so that you can get the most awesome panoramic view. From down here the mountain looks as flat as a perfected craftsman piece. But when you get to the top, it is everything but flat. The ‘table’ stretches out for about 3km (2miles)`, with various walking trails. It is a rocky surface with various ground levels and certain parts are paved leading to lookout points with barriers of course. The wind can sometimes be a ┬ábit bothersome and strong so make sure not to stand too close the edges before the wind blows you off the mountain (just kidding). They actually don’t let people go up to the mountain if the wind blows too strong so that accidents can be prevented. So not to worry, you will be safe up there.

The best part about this whole trip? On your birthday you can go for FREE! So just take your identification with for proof that that day is your born day.

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