Quality of life

Cape Town is all about luxury living. Nature and the atmosphere it creates is what makes this city so attractive, which, I think, puts people into that relaxing mode. All you want to do is to go explore the unknown (to you) the Cape has to offer, but that means you need time right? And time is money. So you need to choose between making big bucks or living pretty. This is where artists come to express themselves and because this city thrives on talent, you might just make it big time!

Cape Town is undoubtedly catering for international people , because that’s one of the big ways in which our country makes money. For South-Africans on the other hand, this CAN cause a bit of a struggle (I am talking out of experience). Accommodation rates are above average as it is in such high demand. Some popular shopping malls and other tourist sites CAN be a tad over priced. Getting a general job CAN pay you at least 30% less then in the Johannesburg region, so definitely check up on all that before you rush all the way down here and end up not being happy at all.

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