The History awaits!

The Rhodes Memorial is located just above the oldest universities in South Africa- The University of Cape Town. It is an iconic attraction for tourists as the place gives so much history. Just behind the monument you will find the Rhodes Memorial Restaurant and tea garden where they serve amazing cuisine (I just love their scones with strawberry and cream)! But lets start with the trails.







This historic and scenic trail is definitely one you would want to explore. The trails extend from Kristenbosch right through to Table Mountain. There are several starting points, but today I will start at the Rhodes Memorial parking lot. Things you will see is the Kings Blockhouse, built in the 1970’s by the British as a defense and lookout position, and oh boy, what a stunning view! The walk up to the Blockhouse is about an hour long like, so make sure you take sunscreen, a hat and pack a picnic basket to enjoy the picnic spots out there. Explore the indigenous plants and breathtaking views.

This historic location is located nearby our 3 bedroom apartment in Rondebosch.

Salwood Court, 3 bedroom apartment in Rondebosch

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