Planning life around traffic

Time is precious and what a sad way to waste it in traffic jams. Cape Town are full of them! Location is vital when it comes to living in the Mother City. Need to be in the City Centre everyday? Then the Northern Suburbs and the Cape Peninsula is not the area for you. Accommodation is more affordable the further away you are from the City, but you can be sure to lose +-4 hours of your day, by spending it in traffic. So what is more important? Having less time in your day to do things or losing a few extra hours sleep, as you would rather leave at 6am to be at work at 8am so that you can miss that traffic.

Make sure that where you need to be is not too far from where you are staying, even if it means paying that little extra. You would lose money on fuel if you had to stay further out anyway. Staying in Town or the Southern Suburbs and working in the Northern Suburbs is another story. Everybody is fleeing from the North so you can be sure to cruse comfortably from the South towards the North. You will be driving on the N1 and feeling so sorry for the people coming from the other side driving bumper to bumper, but be so glad at the same time that that is not you.

Start.CapeTown has properties in the City and the Southern Suburbs, which gives you easier access to be where you need to be. Do research of the area you will be spending your day and see which one of our apartments are the closest to that location. It is either losing a lot of time in your day or dodge that traffic frustration.

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